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  • Date Posted: Jun 14, 2016
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Alton Towers is a massive theme park.  It is built on an existing beautiful gardens and castle from 1860.  Just walking around was impressive. One of the many awesome roller coasters was called, “Thirteen” which was presented in what appeared to be an old building.  My daughter complained during it that it was not scary enough.  At that moment, the ride stopped, air shot at us and then the coaster proceeded to drop what seemed 15 feet, then proceeded to go backwards! I thought it was scary enough! They had a haunted house that was a cross between Disney’s Haunted Mansion  and the Buzz light year ride at Disney. Believe it or not I achieved high score within our group (my boys were impressed).


Oblivion, which we rode right in the front.  We went straight down (after we were dangled for a few seconds) into a tunnel!

The one on the right is called “The Smiler” which I did not ride with the family.  It is two minutes and 40 seconds long.  Too long and too many turns for me but they loved it!

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